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Right, I’ve been tagged by Chris to share with you all eight random things about myself and seeing as distractions are welcome as I’m trying to slay my thesis, here we go:

  • The first movie I ever saw at the cinema was Ghostbusters 2.
  • I hate ketchup, it has no taste! Gimme some hot sauce any day.
  • I can’t eat egg yolks, I throw up every time, some childhood trauma I’m sure.
  • I’ve been offered a book deal, but I need to pick a nom de plume, so suggestions are welcome.
  • I learnt how to drive when I was 13, had my first crash at 14 and have been terrorizing road users ever since.
  • I sleep talk (often) and sleep walk (not so often). Not good ’cause all my secrets come out when I’m asleep.
  • I’m a black belt in Pasaryu Karate, which way way back was the same style The King learnt. Sadly no-one wants to get into fights with me anymore.
  • I’m quite surprised, and kinda happy you’ve got to the last point.

Sooo to keep this sucka rolling, I’m gonna tag:

Angus (cause it’ll piss him off)
Sir Charles
Doddsy (because he’s the man of mystery of the blogosphere)

Write your stuff and leave a comment so the trail lives on. Boom.


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While having my morning fuel, I stumbled across this at Engadget, a press ad for Sony’s DSC-T2 camera – side by side with an ad for Apple’s previous generation iPod Nano.


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..characterized by good society.

..waking up and knowing you’re on the road to where you want to go, even if you don’t know where it will take you.

..a warm bum.

..an idea worth pursuing.

..hearing the laughter of children.

Thanks to Adam, Charles, Lloyd and Paul for sharing. You can tell me social media is pointless, useless or somethingelse-less. But the truth is, it rocks.

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This weekend, I’ll be speaking at Mediacamp ’07 at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University on Saturday.


Mediacamp is being billed as an un-conference digging on games, blogging, casting and new-media. I haven’t spoken at many conferences, let alone an un-conference, but it sounds pretty damn cool.


Anton would be joining me up there onstage, but he’s going on vacation. And surprisingly, I couldn’t convince him to skip it. 🙂


So if you guys are around, drop by, it’s free to attend and I’ll definitely be making a fool of myself. Which could be interesting.

Press release for MediaCamp is here.

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