True Olympic Spirit


As if having Dubya as our leader wasn’t enough to inspire warm and fuzzy feelings in the rest of the world’s peeps, our fine and sporting Olympic team won’t be partaking in the culinary delights of the Beijing games this year because get this, they’ll be taking their own food. Way to go guys, I really like your reason as well, you don’t trust the food there.

Just imagine if this was extended to manufactured goods, oh no wait, everything sold in America now pretty much has some part of it made in China, there I go flapping my gums again. Idiots.



I’ve recently been completely bowled over by quite an amazing piece of ‘on a shoe string’ work that has come from Leo Burnett Dubai. I’ve been harsh on the region in the past for a number of reasons but since following this campaign I’ve seen that great and fun ways of doing stuff can be born there. 

The Client: Nando’s Chicken

The Brief: Bring awareness to Nando’s Chicken Kuwait in a saturated fast food/restaurant market

The idea: Create a character called Fred who is literally ‘dying’ to get in as a Nando’s chicken  

Now I usually wouldn’t say that running around in a chicken suit is ground breaking work. However, what LB Dubai have done is have this character’s rant on his plight recorded and uploaded onto his blog: 


There are mobile phone sound bites you can download, they filmed a music video etc and it’s all about how this chicken Fred is being discriminated by being denied to become a Nando’s chicken. Again, it’s not the kind of stuff I would follow but if you watch the clips you’ll actually find yourself pissing with laughter. It looks like the guys at LB were given zero budget, have an awesome sense of humour and decided to make the first ever Adland version of Jackass. The Facebook group has 923 members as I write and most of the Fred stuff can be found there and I strongly suggest you check it out for a giggle: 


Is it effective, how do you measure it? Clearly something you’ll have to park when it comes to this campaign. I would say it’s less about looking at it with a critique hat on and more about looking at it and thinking wouldn’t that be a laugh to make.




Really not necessary. Really.

Flying Away This May

I got a job! Ahem..what I meant to say is I GOT A FRIKKIN’ JOB!!Sorry about that. I actually meant to say that I’ve got a job that I’m happy to take, a challenge even.As many of you may know, since September-ish I’ve been looking for a start in adland, something that I could sink my teeth into and all that kinda stuff.I did the whole graduate scheme thing, with some success (but nowhere did I get that ‘feeling’ that it was right for me), some ‘You’re not right for us Sam’, some ‘We just don’t need any planners right now’, some ‘We’re not brave enough to hire someone like you’ (which really, really, pissed me off) and some other things that I can’t remember. And though it may be petty and childish, I kept every single letter that they sent telling me I wasn’t good enough. Yes I am juvenile.So anyway in November Mr. Frith kindly passed my name onto TBWA Dubai, which is where I spent a few days last week.The long and short of it is that everything clicked there, everything. The people, the place, the Sam. So come late May I’ll be moving out to join these guys:


And start work as a planner. Whoo!Some people might ask why I’m foregoing the chance to live and work in the land of milk and honey that is London AdLand; for me it’s simple – I’ll be able to get much more hands on much quicker out there than I would have in the places that had offered me things here. And how many times will I be twenty-something with the chance to move to Dubai again? I really don’t know cause my crystal ball ain’t working. So I’m taking a chance. But I’m damn happy about it.This is the part of the acceptance speech where I thank a long list of people; I may miss some out, but it’s not like you don’t know and it’s not like I don’t love ya. So in no particular order, people who I owe particular thanks to for putting up with yours truly throughout this epic as well as those whose blogs have helped me keep going on:Anton, Will, Alex, The Kaiser himself, Charlie, Doddsy, Graeme, Eaon, Beeker, LaurenAdamLloyd, Richie B, Jason, Angus, Asi, Amelia, Piers, Hugh, Faris, Neil, John, Russell and everyone else whose name escapes me at 0740 on a Saturday morning when I haven’t slept at all.And to every ad agency that said no thanks: Thank you most of all.Of course special thanks must go to the architect of this story, Charlie ‘Pink shirts are pimpin’ Frith. Word.Thank you all. Seriously. And come May if you ever need a place to stay in Dubai…I’ll point you to a good hotel. Nah I’m just playin’ – Mi Casa Su Casa.Big love.Sam

Goodbye Doobye

My 72 hours in Dubai came to an end and I landed at Heathrow feeling like I’d just woken up from a prolonged dream. A dream in which I’d taken pictures.

Tomatoes are pretty cool:


But if you eat too many, you gotta get to the throne, pronto (as I found out):


Supermarkets in Dubai have a ‘not suitable for Muslims’ section – which I thought was interesting:


But what lay behind this barrier? Nothing to really shout about I’m afraid:


Something I did love was the 3 meals a day I had – buffet style, here was breakfast on the final day:



Followed by a childhood favorite at the airport:


Which was more shopping mall than airport to be fair:


But I did manage to find something cool, although pretty much useless:


So that’s my stuff, I did pilfer something from the hotel – to send to Charlie and Doddsy:


It says body lotion gents, I’ll say no more 🙂







This is the view outside of the place I’m at:


I’m in Dubai – apparantly the place that is currently home to 80% of the world’s cranes. I believe it.

I’m hanging out with TBWA out here, back on Wednesday – more from out here to come, I can’t promise it’ll be useful/interesting/relevant to anything. But then again, if you’re reading this you already know.

Peace out.

Own a football club

I found this today and it’s an awesome idea. Visit:


The idea being that you pay £35 and for it you have a stake in a football club, can vote on buying players, training, takeover deals. They’ve just signed a club which if it was to be successful would be a great story. Also, you can watch a team play knowing that you partly own it. Fantastic.