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You’ll see me in this video that Charles has put up of Interesting 2007. Was a good laugh (sorry!).


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I really enjoyed Interesting2007, like really really. It was great to go someplace and just chill out and enjoy the day and not have to worry about taking notes. It was a totally different experience to the PSFK London conference. Not necessarily better, but different. PSFK was a day of education, Interesting was a day of chilling out and listening. I was flanked in the audience by Will and Charles (who by all accounts was the sharpest looking cat present, check this out), and had an awesome day, drinking too many smoothies (read this and this and know I wasn’t the only one drinking them), being very American and having an all round good time. And I got up on stage as well.

It was great hearing people talk about themselves (y’all know that everyone is really good at talking about themselves), if for no other reason but to sense the passion everyone has in their interests. And my one over-riding impression from the day was the forgiving nature of the audience. I don’t say this because any of the presenters were bad, far from it. But the sense that even if you weren’t remotely interested in what someone was saying, the enthusiasm that spilled across from the stage was something you couldn’t deny. So you loved it that they were loving it. Get it? Good. The Flickr pool will give you a better (picture?, sorry..) idea of how things went down.

Afterwards a number of us congregated at a house that happened to be public, and I got to meet a number of bloggers who I read, including Beeker, Collyn, Corentin aka Organic Frog, Emily, John Dodds, Rob and Paul (not to mention those of blogland I already know, like Faris, Mark and Lauren and my main man Ricardo). Then Lauren, I and the lovely Gemma (Lauren is lovely also, just I already knew that before Saturday) went and had a Chinese (dinner not person) while discussing a number of things, ranging from food hygiene ratings to traffic in urban conurbations, before heading our separate ways as Saturday wound to a close.

The only thing that was less than awesome on the day was I didn’t get a chance to engage in verbalosities with some people I’d have liked to, like Iain and the legendary Grant McCracken. All in all though, a great day.

Let’s not forget this was all Russell’s brainchild. So a big thanks to him and all that spent inordinate amounts of time and effort to make the day an unqualified success. Charles and I have decided we will speak next year. For that reason alone, you should all make sure you get Interesting in ’08.

My ‘insight’ from the day? Simple.


For other views on Interesting2007, click here and keep checking the wiki for updates to video/audio et al.

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