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Ok guys its approaching 1am and I have a gazillion things to write in my brand spanking new moleskine notebook (how cool is that!! No honestly, I know I’ll stop using it in like a week, but let me bask in the limited edition red glory for a while).

BUT we are aware that we, the AdLads have been neglecting our student readers out there. And instead of hoping that posts about careers will write themselves (been trying that for a coupla months, but hasn’t worked yet), a different angle of attack is needed.

We will continue to chip away at posts about various careers type stuff, including reading lists, how to get in the back door (sick sick people) and post grad courses for those who want in but don’t feel ready. In the meantime, we’d like to throw the mic at you guys ang gals who’ve just been plouging through mountains of the most obtuse questions ever over the past couple of months. How did you find the whole grad scheme interview experience? What did you like? WHO did you like, what’s your ideal agency? And which bunch of sycophantic imbeciles could you not stand at all?

We’re looking for your thoughts on the whole selection process, with a view to pass on your comments to the esteemed IPA to help get the best into this spaceship. And the best responses, the ones that make us laugh and think (hopefully at the same time), get a prize. I can’t tell ya what it is. But you’ll all love it. And if you don’t, I’ll take it back. 🙂

Whack ’em in the comments or email ’em: theadlads@gmail.com


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