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You’ll see me in this video that Charles has put up of Interesting 2007. Was a good laugh (sorry!).


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Smell What I’m Cooking

Not brand-spanking new, but I really like this one.

Credit to Sir Charles for sharing it with moi.

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You’ve Talked Me Into It


I saw this gem over the weekend. Click on the picture to see one of the most compelling arguments I’ve seen. To not go somewhere. 🙂

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It feels like I’m perennially building up the ‘blog about’ list and always leaving it to grow into a colossus that needs slaying. So from today I’m going to give the blog a little bit of time everyday and see if that works.

First off, I applied and got into (woo hoo!) Omnicom’s Summer School. So if you’re gonna be there drop me a line. My application entry thing is in the downloads pane on the left or you can find it here.

Secondly, Anton and I are about to start getting all of our career type posts together and giving it a separate page on the blog so as grad recruitment season begins, it will be easier to find what you need when you need it etc.

And lastly, well lastly was going to be something profound, but it’s almost 10am and I still haven’t slept. So it’s gonna have to wait.

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Is this one here.


Join it.

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Was at Chinwag’s Summer bash last week before hightailing home, and although the elements conspired to try and dampen the mood, metaphorically and literally, I think a pretty good time was had by all. I got to hang out with Will, Jessica, Richard, Eaon and David, not to mention the crazy guys and gals of Chinwag. And a bunch of other people.

Suffice to say it was a pretty rocking evening. And in the words of Mr. Gump, that’s all I really have to say about that. Thank you Chinwag for putting it together, and let’s do it again next year..

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June Choons

A lot of things to catch up on, and the universe has conspired to give me a nasty summer themed cold on the weekend when the weather finally returns to some semblance of normativeness. So I’m taking Will’s suggestion and parking myself in front of 2 screens.

June’s picks:

1. Alley Cat – Sherwood
One of the three bands I played to death this month. This song sums up Sherwood almost perfectly. Loops, guitars and lyrics I wish I had written myself.

2. Stars and Boulevards – Augustana
Shades of Travis in the opening chords, but much much better. Augustana join Sherwood as great discoveries made in June. Best lyric: Look out, they’re coming after us with big guns, they’re only gonna tell you all the bad things I’ve done, even if the words they say aren’t true, they’ve won, and now I’m left here dying in the sun

3. Over My Head (Cable Car) – The Fray
A popular choice, love the piano – guitar combo throughout.

4. Stuck Between Stations – The Hold Steady
This song has grown on me, and I’m still listening to The Hold Steady heavily. You have to go to Minneapolis to really feel them. Best lyric: We drink and we dry up and then we crumble into dust

5. Bruised – Jack’s Mannequin
Jack’s Mannequin (and Something Corporate) are one of my top 5 ever bands. Andrew McMahon would sing on the soundtrack to my life’s movie. Best lyric: I lace my trucks, I walk the aisle, I take my pills, the babies cry, all I hear is what’s playing through the in-flight radio, now every word of every song, I ever heard, that made me wanna stay, is what’s playing through the in-flight radio..

6. Leave Out The Rest – Linkin Park
Another slow(er) song from the new album that hits the sweet spot. Maybe they should give up the crunching industrial guitars..

7. August and Everything After – Counting Crows
Unreleased, quite rare and utterly anthemic. One of the best songs ever written. Really.

8. Familiar Landscapes – New Found Glory
Punchy pop-punk about going home to find things have changed. Best lyric: I’m on my way to a coast, where I know the roads, like the back of my hand, familiar landscapes..

9. Hater – Everclear
Art Alexakis is a really good songwriter, from the ‘less is more’ school of music creation. A great voice as well.

10. Hurry – The Starting Line
I’ve gotten my hands on the pre-release of the new album. This is one of my favorites. A feel good breakup song. Best lyric: I wrote a note, to my future ghost quoting words I spoke, that I meant only half the time

11. Lost It – Cartel
The song for June. Cartel’s August release is my most awaited album of the summer. June in a song line: It’s all coming back around, there she sees me on the ground, oh my God this is who I’ve been.

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