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All You Narnia Fans…Rejoice

Rather than actually write a post (which I swear I am doing, just slowly), I’m spending some quality chuckle time.

Watch and laugh with us


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The Truth About Media Sales

Watch it and weep..

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Because I feel crap today and can’t be bothered to analyse metrics and text messaging reports, I’m reading Mrs. Belmot’s awesome blog


I’d advise you guys and gals to do the same. It rocks. And you could quite possibly be laughing your ass off very soon.


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Starting out as a Planner

against-wall-wince.JPG So I’ve started as a Planner, officially that is. I’ve even got the business cards. So what now, where is my equivalent to status and contact reports, what do I do instead of checking the copy of print ads, hustling production and burning CDs for Nazi fools?

That’s just it, you aren’t actually told what to do. Planning has very quickly appeared to me as a roaming career. Whatever work you want to do you do, if you don’t you just sit there and grow old, it’s true to say that mediocre people can hide very easily in Planning.

It’s scary in a way as you literally feel your own boss, your phone doesn’t ring anymore and there is a mild feeling of respect from Account Handlers. This is just my experience by the way and having been knocked about as an Account Exec this is bloody refreshing. One problem though, getting a busy senior planner to read your f*cking briefs!

So from now on I’ll be posting about my trials and tribulations as I set out on my career as a planner. Ask away if you wish to know anything.

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A Belated Happy New Year

Greetings to all y’all out there.

The AdLads have lay dormant for a while, hibernating away through my homeboy Jesus’s birthday, and the new year et al.

However, we are back and nursing sore heads that should heal sometime before March arrives.

We’re working on some posts for all y’all who’ve missed out on grad training along with our general stuff.

Peace out..

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